BENTO - About Us - Quality, Experience & Innovation


Our company started in 1976 with the production of the ASTEL brand “packing tapes” and “masking tapes.” Today, working from our new plant which was completed in 2000, we continue to produce numerous adhesive tapes under the name BENTO AS.

BENTO AS has years of experience in the field of adhesive tapes and offers many products for clients, including:

- Packing tapes, masking tapes, double sided tapes and cellophane tapes
- Closure tapes and frontal tapes for baby and adult diapers producers
- Protective tapes to be used in the window profile, external facade panels, aluminiums and steel plates sectors
- Various productions of wet wipes to be produced for “Private Label”

BENTO AS’s modern plant covers an area of 19.000 m². Our company’s system of quality control has been certified by the Bureau Veritas (BVQI) and fully complies with hygiene, environment, health and securities policies. Our dynamic enterprise will continue to become one of the leading companies in our sector.

“QUALITY”, “CONSTANT INNOVATION” and “CUSTOMER FOCUS”, are placed among the most important development policies of BENTO AS, and will continue to be our leading concepts.

Bento - Values - Principles

Social responsibility

  • Respect for all life
  • Social contribution
  • Sharing


  • To be reliable
  • To be systematic
  • To be decisive
  • To base ideas on data and information


  • To be able to meet changing needs
  • To be innovative and to make investments
  • To measure, to evaluate and to continuously develop

Bento - Mission - Vision


Within the frame of our Total Quality Standards we are offering to all our customers:

High quality products
(always realizing and conforming production to the highest standards)

Competitive products
(providing the best quality at the lowest prices)

Products that meet the customers' requests and needs
(Always striving for innovations and continuous development)

Products delivered in time through a dynamic team
(respecting the environment and keeping health and security as a priority)

Our vision is to continuously improve and develop our activity, to offer the best quality to our customers, to be the leader in our field in our country and to be one of the best companies offering qualified products abroad.

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