Adhesive Tapes


Bento offers its customers a product range of adhesive tapes under the trademarks ASTEL & BENTO, suitable for all types of use. Bento has expert knowledge in the field of adhesives and produces a wide range of top quality products in modern production plants.

adhesive tapes

Adhesive Tapes - General Information

Methods of Use
When affixing adhesive tape, make sure the location is clean, dry and dust-free. Press the adhesive down firmly in order to avoid any air bubbles. This will certainly maximise its performance.

adhesive tapes

Storage Conditions

Bento Adhesive products should be stored in dry places with no humidity at a temperature between 5C and 25C, and should not be exposed directly to sunlight.


(Printed) Packaging Tapes

Size (mmxm)   PACKAGE/Unit
12X33   144
12X66   144
24X40   96
24X66   96
24X100   96
36X100   60
36X600   13
45X40   96
45X100   60
45X300   24
45X600   10
45X800   10
45X1000   10
50X66   48
50X100   48
60X66   40
60X100   48
70X100   36
75X66   36
75X100   36
80X66   36
80X100   36


Size (mmxm)   PACKAGE/Unit
12X45   150
15X45   120
19X45   96
25X45   72
38X45   48
50X45   36
100X45   18


Size (mmxm)   PACKAGE/Unit
12X33   144
12X66   144
15X66   144
19X66   120
24X66   96


Size (mmxm)   PACKAGE/Unit
06X100   200
12X25   96
15X25   84
19X25   66
25X25   48
38X25   36
50X25   24
All dimensions of adhesive tapes could be changed upon request.

BENTO AS has expert knowledge in the field of adhesive tapes, and offers to its customers a large variety of products including protective tapes, Closure tapes, frontal tape, mechanical frontal tapes, diaper tape and wet wipes.

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