Protective Tapes


protective tapesIn its modern and high capacity plants BENTO produces protective tapes that:

  • have a high UV resistance,
  • can be easily stuck and removed,
  • do not leave any trace once they have been removed,
  • are in compliance with ROHS standards,
  • are transparent / blue-transparent / black and white and printed in up to 6 colors (according to the product and upon request),
  • have widths from 30mm up to 1500mm and length from 500m to 1000m
  • are produced with COEX films between 30 mic. to 100 mic.

Our protective tapes can satisfy all customer requests and will achieve the best quality of use under the best conditions.

Protective Tapes - General Information

Where to use:
Protective Tape is  used as a protection before the mounting of plastic and aluminum windows, aluminum plates, painted/ unpainted metal sheets and stainless steel products.

protective tapesprotective tapesprotective tapes

Method of use:
It is strongly recommended to completely remove tape from the products after the mounting.

Storage conditions:
The product should be stored in dry places with no humidity and must not be exposed directly to sunlight.


protective tapesProtective tapes are available in coils up to 1500mm in width OR as per customer's specification.

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